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Need Direction With Your Guitar Playing?

Knowing where to start or what to practice to see real progress isn't always easy. Whether you are a beginner or have played for years, most of us need direction and focus to see the results that make us feel great about playing the guitar!

Hi! My name is Teague and welcome to my site! I am a professional guitarist/educator and have earned my living playing and teaching for 25 years. I started this site in 1999 with the sole purpose to build a complete step by step, building block guitar method designed to get you focused, provide direction and get results to make you feel great about playing guitar! Most importantly, have lots of fun learning popular songs and riffs while doing so :)

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Live Streaming Guitar Lesson Every Saturday

I have been doing a live stream guitar lesson every Saturday for some time now however for the next couple of weeks I will be out of town on gigs. However you can join me for a Special Live Streaming Event this Thursday August 10th at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST) To get the material to go with this live stream: Register Here! Completely Free!

Note: my channel is named after my band: tripfuse