Fingerpicking guitar lesson for beginners!

0:20 - 1:14 (Time this information is in video)

The fretboard diagram shows the 3 open strings we will use in this lesson.

6th  string = Low E (play with thumb and pluck down)

2nd string = B (play with index and pluck up)

1st string = High E (play with middle finger and pluck up)

1:15 - 1:35

Don't read music?  No worries, the video and fretboard diagrams will have you reading music in no time.

p = thumb
i = index
m = middle
a = ring (we won't use it for this pattern)

1:42 - 156

In this example we are now playing eighth note triplets.  In this case we are placing 3 notes evenly in one beat.  Note the thumb will play low E every time we hear the click.  We will use this for the main part of the lesson below.

1:57 - 2:05

Sixteenth notes will go twice as fast as the eighth note example.  There would be two beams instead of one connecting the notes.  Notice that quarter notes had no beams and eighths notes had one.  Sixteenth would have two.

2:45 - until end

So now we will take the above finger picking exercise and make it a little more fun by adding different notes on the low E string.  In this section we will look at using an E major scale to create different sounds.

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