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Are you tired of doing search after search looking for something to play at your current level, only to find yourself frustrated and giving up?

Or are you a beginner and stuck in that "information overload" place not knowing where to start?

Hi, my name is Teague Purtell and first up I want to thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a member.  I started Musiclearning.Com in 1999 as a way to provide support for the students I saw in person each week.  Since then it has become a complete step by step guitar method designed to provide direction, focus and get results! 

And most importantly, have lots of fun!  From 20 plus years of teaching I know that students learn better, have more fun and progress faster when songs are at the core of the method.

However, that being said, you will learn much more than songs.  You will gain the skills to play anything and everything.  Each lesson reinforces and expands on the previous and topics include scales, arpeggios, strumming and rhythm, ear training, improvising and even singing and playing.  Everything you learn will be to get you playing lots of songs and riffs and play them really well!

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Get access to my complete step by step guitar method and everything I have put online for 18 years!

You can easily cancel your membership at anytime and if you cancel within the first 30 days you get a complete refund.  No hard feelings, no questions asked.  I understand the content will either work for you or it won't.

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I am sooo excited!  This is great to get such personal attention.  What a great attribute to your site...... and even though I don't recognize the Metallica song from lesson 1, I do enjoy hearing myself play something other than "horrible sounds".

Kim Lafever

Learn Lots of Cool Songs and Riffs

All the songs and riffs on the site were carefully chosen to work with the complete step by step method.  Each chosen for a very specific reason and arranged in an order to help take the guess work out of what to play next.  With the ultimate goal to get you playing songs fast and well.

Membership includes access to hundreds of songs and riffs by artists like:

The Beatles, Coldplay, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Mraz, Passenger, Blink 182, Greenday, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lit, Justin Beiber, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Cat Stevens, One Republic, Linkin Park, Led Zeppelin, Bryan Adams, Megadeth, Shawn Mendez, Selena Gomez, Jack Johnson, Neil Young, Rage Against the Machine, Seether, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taylor Swift, DNCE, Calvin Harris, The Eagles, Pantera, and more.

You may find music you don't care to listen to is fun to play.  This happened to me when I was convinced by a friend to join a Metallica tribute band many years ago.  I really didn't care for Metallica but once I started to learn their songs I ended up having a lot of fun.  And I learned a lot. The key is to keep an open mind... and watch yourself become an amazing guitarist!

Not Sure What Song to Play at Your Current Level?

To see real growth on the instrument we want to learn songs that are challenging but not so challenging that we want to toss our guitar out the window!

A lot of thought and experience teaching these riffs and songs has allowed me to arrange them in an order that will guarantee success.   Between the material in the main lessons, the beat by beat breakdowns and the mp3's to play along with, you will be amazed at what happens to your playing.  I want you to succeed with each new song or riff and if for any reason you are having trouble with anything on the site, you can just drop me a note and I will do whatever is necessary to ensure you can reach your goals.  The goal is to give you the skills to play the songs you want and play them well.

And really, like most things in life, we need to feel we are improving.  That is where the excitement and fun is.  Knowing that every single time we pick it up, we are going to learn something new and succeed at it.  It makes the possibilities almost endless.  Just how good can I get?  I can tell you from years of teaching, you can get as good as you want.  You just need to know how.

Learn Songs Well

No more "Why doesn't it sound right?"

If you have found yourself learning a song, playing all the right notes but wondering why it doesn't sound right, the method will fix that!  More often then not it has to do with timing and nothing will solve that more than breaking parts down beat by beat.

The importance of the beat by beat breakdown cannot be over stated.  It is the single most important thing you can do to learn songs and riffs properly and make the most of your practice time.  Breaking things down will allow you to absorb the material in a way that is just not possible with any other practice method.

It is the way professionals practice.  And I can tell you from my own personal experience having learned well over a thousand songs for various gigs, it is the single most important thing you can do to learn things well and fast.

Students quite often think that breaking things down into small sections (beat by beat) will take much longer to learn but it is actually the opposite.

The truth is when you break things down, you are able to pick up the parts quicker and play them properly.  This creates momentum and positive feelings about practicing.  The positive feelings lead to better practice.  I think most will agree we learn and retain information when we feel good about what we are doing.

  • Muscle Memory
  • Training Your Ear
  • Sharpening your Ability to Focus
  • Easier
  • Learn Faster
  • Gets Results and Creates Momentum
  • Learn Well

Teague has such a great appreciation and undertanding of many different types of music. This is in my opinion one of the most important aspects of teaching, because there are so many different styles of musicians waiting to be taught. Teague has taught me alot. He has inspired me (I don't know if he knows it or not) to someday be a music teacher myself. Music is the greatest thing in my life and I hope that someday I can pass that on to someone else.

Mike Ledinsky

Learn Songs Fast

There is no better way to learn songs fast then to play along with someone who knows the song.  Better yet,  play along with a professional, play along with me 🙂 All the play along mp3's on the site were made by me, so every time you pick up your guitar and log in, you can start jamming right along with me.  Private lessons generally only provide that once a week, however by becoming a member you will be able to any day, any hour.  You decide the time and work at a pace that works for you.

Careful consideration was put into each mp3 to make sure you learn the riffs and songs properly while increasing your attention and ability to focus.  From years of teaching and being able to test with the students I see in person each week, I am able to get the right number of repeats to hold focus and not lose attention.  I also did a lot of testing with whether leaving rests in between the examples were necessary.

In some cases I found if I didn't leave a rest in between the examples, students would become frustrated and be unable to keep repeating the example.  However, by putting in 2 to 4 beats of rest (space) between examples, it would allow the students a chance to catch their breath so to speak.  A chance for the brain to absorb the material in a much more effective way.  This would lead to better results and much less frustration.

In other examples, there is no rest because I found the rest would cause students to lose their focus.  So all of this to say, a lot of thought and testing was done to make sure the mp3 examples will work for you.  They will let you see some great results and feel great about your progress making you want to return day after day to keep moving forward.


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Your Instructor (Me)

Well, my name is Teague and I have been a professional musician for 25 years.  In that time I have done a lot of things from guitar in a Metallica tribute band to cello in the CSU orchestra 🙂

I studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Humber College in Toronto and Cleveland State University in Cleveland.  I studied guitar performance, composition and music education.  I minored in piano and paid for a good part of my education on a cello scholarship.

I have toured across North America and played 1000's of shows since I started playing.  From jazz to metal, classical to pop, I have played every style of music.

I have taught almost as long as I have played.  I was even teaching beginner students when I was in High School with only a few years of playing experience myself.  I started Musiclearning.Com in 1999 as a way to help students that I saw in person each week with material they could reference at home between lessons.

To See Real Progress and Get Results That Make You Feel Great...
You Need Direction - You Need a Method

Searching for one off random lessons on the internet can be a big waste of time and leave you feeling like you aren't getting anywhere with your guitar playing.

You may ask yourself "Am I even getting better?", "Am I making any progress at all?"

Take the guess work out of what song to learn next and what to practice to see real results by becoming a member.

Inside the members area you will find a complete method with 24 main lessons.  Each of these lessons has a section on theory, chords, strumming/rhythm, improvising and technique.  The material all comes together to learn a cool song or riff.

The step by step building block approach has each lesson expanding on the previous  lesson and reinforcing the material already taught to guarantee results you will be proud of.


Learn songs plus:

  •  strum patterns
  • chords
  • ear training
  • theory
  • technique (scales and arpeggios)
  • learning your fretboard
  • understand music theory
  • fingerpicking
  • improvising and creating great solos
  • playing and singing
  • many styles of music
  • be able to jam with others easily

If You Struggle with Concerns like:

Lack of time

Not sure what to play

Fingers won't move like they need to

Poor practice habits or not sure how to practice effectively

Wasting a lot of time searching for songs or lessons that don't work

Trying to play along with songs at the right speed

Playing the right notes but it doesn't sound right

Lack of focus and direction

Becoming a Member Will Solve These

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Musiclearning.Com is Different

There are lots of great teachers and lessons online, however finding what works for you is the key.  Musiclearning.Com is unique because of the method itself.  It has been put together with over 20 years of teaching experience and 18 years teaching online.  Those 18 years have allowed me to figure out what works for students and what does not.  Try it out, you have nothing to lose, if the site does not work for you and you don't get the results you want, I will gladly give you a complete refund with no questions asked.

I know the importance of finding the right teacher.   If you are taking lessons in person, finding the right teacher and connection makes all the difference for excitement and results.  I don't think it is any different when looking for the right online method.  It will either work for you or it won't.  And if it doesn't, I completely understand and there will be no questions asked and no hard feelings.

You have 30 days from when you sign up to decide whether the site and method works for you.  If you decide it doesn't, simply use the contact link at the top of any page, type Refund Please in top field and your credit card will be refunded the full amount you paid.  No need to worry about what to write or what to say.  Although be sure to use the same email connected to your account.


  • Beginner (Lessons 1-8)

    • String names and easy finger exercises
    • Easy open chords and exercises to make switching easy
    • The power chord and some fun and easy riffs
    • The major scale and 3 of the 5 scale forms that will cover the entire fretboard
    • Basic music theory including the 12 tones, how to build scales and chords, intervals and ear training
    • Easy songs
    • 12 bar blues
    • Intro to improvising and writing
    • The Dominant 7th chord
  • Intermediate (Lessons 9-16)

    • How to use scales when writing and soloing
    • Argeggios (what they are and how to use them)
    • The bar chord and further exploring major and minor chords
    • Plus power chords, sus2 and sus4 chords, triads and inversions on strings 1 2 3 and 2 3 4
    • Different popular chord progressions
    • How to tell what key a chord progression belongs to for soloing and writing
    • major 7th, minor 7th, diminished, diminished 7th, augmented, augmented 7th, minor 7(b5) chords
  • Advanced (Lessons 17-24)

    • Most commonly used modes
    • Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales
    • More advanced arpeggios and sweep picking
    • More complicated songs
    • More complicated stum patterns
    • Various guitar techniques like pull offs, hammer on and tapping
    • Soloing over more difficult changes
    • Connecting scale position and arpeggios
    • Odd Time Signatures
    • More difficult songs and solos

Teague keyed right in on my present ability, finding areas needing improvement and addressing those with valuable exercises and must-have knowledge. I have been playing for several years and he immediately showed me ways to improve. It's a great feeling to have doors opened so quickly. At the same time, I feel very comfortable learning from him. Teague, you are truly a master... I'll keep practicing!!!

Donald W. Baker

Last but Not Least:  How to Practice and Get Results

It is not a very good feeling when you have been playing for days, weeks or even months and feel like you are not getting anywhere.  That you are not moving forward, getting better or making any kind of progress.

Become a member and let me help you develop the practice skills for a lifetime of fun on the instrument.  It isn't so much about what you learn as it is about how to learn.  Once you have the foundation in place for proper practice habits that get results, you will feel progress every time you pick up your instrument.  And you will feel great about that progress.  You will be excited to pick it up, knowing you are going to add something new to your guitar playing skills.

Let's Sum Up What You Will Learn:

Secrets of Strumming

How to practice to get results

What to practice to save time and frustration

How to build and play just about any chord possible

How to use music theory to write, improvise and improve your playing

How to use your ears to figure out songs on your own

Learn how to play along with songs at speed

Lots of songs and play them well

How to create great solos

How the fretboard works

How to jam with others

How to play and sing

Save 50% on 1 Year Membership

Includes Bonus Custom Lesson

Custom Lesson Built Specifically for You!

  • Personalized
  • Email Support
  • Video
  • Play Along mp3's
  • Fretboards and material

For a limited time when you pay for a yearly membership you get a custom lesson built specifically for you on any guitar related subject.  From technique to songs, improvising to theory, I will make a lesson for you that will include play along mp3's and a video!

Regularly $199.99

Now Just $99.99

One Time Payment - No Recurring Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I am a complete beginner, will this site work for me?"

Yes. The site starts from scratch with learning your strings and how to hold a pick and moves quickly to playing songs and soloing like a pro 🙂

Q: "I have played for years, will this site help me?"

I have made lessons on the site for every level including lessons I put up to help myself with things I am currently working on. If you feel the site does not have enough information for you, I will gladly refund your money and no questions asked.

Q: "With so many free lessons online, why would I pay for lessons?"

It is true there are plenty of free guitar lessons online and some are very good, however if you really want to see progress, you need more than just random lessons.   You need a method that provides direction and focus to get results you will feel great about.  Results that will make you want to pick up your guitar every day, log in and learn more! The members section is a complete online method designed to take you step by step to make you a great guitar player and reach your guitar goals.


Q: "Are there any tabs on the site?"

No, there are no tabs, however with the lessons designed as they are, you will not need to read music.  The reason there are no tabs is because when I play the 5th fret of my D string I want to know that is a G. Not just the 5th fret of my D string.

Q: "Do I need to have a PayPal account?"

No. You will go through the PayPal page but you can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or E-Check.

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Save 75% on Monthly Membership

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Save 70% on 6 Month Membership

Regularly $99.99 Now Just $29.99

One Time Payment - No Recurring Billing

Save 50% on 1 Year Membership

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One Time Payment - No Recurring Billing