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Teague Purtell's complete online guitar method!

Thank you for considering to become a member!  There has never been a better time to join.  My name is Teague Purtell and I am a professional guitarist/educator and some changes in my life have made it so I am able to work full time on the site 🙂 I had been earning my living playing 3 to 4 nights a week at the Roxy in downtown Vancouver, BC Canada for the last 6 years but that ended on April 7th.  So now my focus is on making this site great for you!

What is the membership?

It is a complete online guitar method that has been designed from 22 years teaching experience.   I started the site in 1999 with its purpose to make learning the guitar fun!

What is inside?

The members area consists of 24 main lessons that you can work through at your own pace.  Each lesson expands on the previous lesson and reinforces the material already taught to ensure it makes sense in due time.  Most of the 24 lessons will cover scales, chords, strumming, arpeggios, technique, theory, ear training and a few fun songs or riffs to tie all the information together.

What will I get out of it?

The site is a result of 22 years teaching experience to help you become the kind of guitar player you want to be. Whether it be for your own enjoyment, jamming with friends at a campfire or playing in a band, the members section will provide the material to make it happen!


Free Limited Access Member Package

The free members section offers 7 daily practice topics (Basics, Chords, Strumming, Technique, Songs, Improvising and Fingerpicking).  Each topic will have new material added each week for 3 weeks.  The idea is that you would try one section each day for a week.  If at the end of the 3 weeks you want more you can become a paid member for access to the complete method.

Free Limited Access Membership

  • Limited Access

1 Month Membership for $19.00

This package gives you access to the entire course which is a complete method designed from 22 years of teaching and teaching online since 1999.  Each of the topics from the free members course is expanded on plus much more.

1 Month Membership - $19.99 Recurring

  • Complete Access

6 Month Membership for $99.00

6 Month Membership for $99.00

This package give you complete access for 6 months and includes a 1 hour Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangouts one on one lesson with me (Teague)!  During this online lesson I can get a feel for where it is you are at as a player and give suggestions to making the most of the site!

6 Month Membership - $99.00 One time payment

  • Complete Access
  • 1 Hour Skype Lesson

1 Year Membership for $149.00

1 Year Membership for $149.00

This package give you complete access for 1 year and includes two 1 hour Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangouts one on one lesson with me (Teague)!  These lessons can be scheduled whenever you would like!

Plus get video lesson and material to go with it tailored just for you!  It can be a song or riff or really just about any guitar topic you might have interest in that you have not been able to find on the site.

1 Year Membership - $149.00 One time payment

  • Complete Access
  • Two 1 Hour Skype Lesson
  • One Video Lesson made specifically for you!

  • Beginner (Lessons 1-8)

    • String names and easy finger exercises
    • Easy open chords and exercises to make switching easy
    • The power chord
    • The major scale
    • Basic music theory
    • Easy songs
    • 12 bar blues
    • Intro to improvising and writing
    • The Dominant 7th chord
  • Intermediate (Lessons 9-16)

    • How to use scales when writing and soloing
    • Argeggios (what they are and how to use them)
    • The bar chord and further exploring major and minor chords
    • Plus power chords, sus2 and sus4 chords, triads and inversions on strings 1 2 3 and 2 3 4
    • Different popular chord progressions
    • How to tell what key a chord progression belongs to for soloing and writing
    • major 7th, minor 7th, diminished, diminished 7th, augmented, augmented 7th, minor 7(b5) chords
  • Advanced (Lessons 17-24)

    • Most commonly used modes
    • Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales
    • More advanced arpeggios and sweep picking
    • More complicated songs
    • More complicated stum patterns
    • Various guitar techniques like pull offs, hammer on and tapping
    • Soloing over more difficult changes
    • Connecting scale position and arpeggios
    • Odd Time Signatures
    • More difficult songs and solos