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All the songs and riffs on the site are carefully chosen to work as part of the complete step by step method found in the members area of the site.

Try a featured riff to get an idea how they work.  These change often so be sure to come back or join mailing list below to be notified when the next is up.

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Tired of wasting time searching for a song to learn at your current level or what to practice to see amazing results?  Are you ready to make progress, move forward and get great at guitar?

Almost anything we do in life feels better when we are growing, getting better, moving forward.  Quite often this requires direction and focus.

Imagine knowing you have the skills and ability on the guitar to learn any song you want.  Knowing you can learn it fast and be able to play it well.

Picture being at a family gathering or house party and knowing with complete confidence you could pick up the guitar and play all kinds of songs and play them well.  Everyone always gets excited when someone picks up a guitar and plays songs and they can sing along.  Even if you don't have any desire to play in front of others, it is still a fun thought to know you are good enough that you could.

Hi, My name is Teague and I know from 20 plus years of teaching experience that students learn better, progress faster and have much more fun when songs are at the core of the method.

Having said that, the membership is much more than just learning songs.  It is a complete step by step guitar method designed to provide direction, help with focus and get results while having lots of fun!

Are you ready to see your playing grow by leaps and bounds?  Become a member have nothing to lose.  If for any reason the site does not work for you and you do not see yourself getting better every time you pick up your guitar, I will gladly refund your money.  No questions asks.

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