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Now offering Skype lessons!

I am now offering Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout Lessons!  Fill out form below if interested and we will work out a time that works for you!  You can schedule a one off lesson or a weekly time!

Hi my name is Teague Purtell and I have been teaching guitar, piano, bass, saxophone and clarinet for 20 plus years.  Through most of those years I have taught anywhere from 30 - 90 students a week in both one on one and group lessons.

I started this site in 1999 to help the students I saw in person each week with lesson material to be able to reference throughout the week.  As the site grew it eventually became a complete online method.

By studying guitar with me in person you will have complete access to all the material and I am always adding new material for current students I teach.

As the internet has evolved it has allowed me to add mp3's and video to the lessons making for a much better experience for students.

No matter how good the online content becomes it will never be the same as seeing a teacher in person each week.  The best is having both, so if you are interested in lessons with me either through Skype or in person in Burnaby BC, please fill out form below:



$50.00 an hour

$25.00 a half hour

Small Group

$35.00 an hour


Fill out form and I will get back to you shortly!