The A7 Chord
The A7 chord is built from the 5th degree of the D major scale and is called a dominant chord. All dominant 7th chords are built from the 5th degree of a scale.
bottom to top : A C# E G

The form above sounds a little muddy on the guitar. Below is a great form and easy to move around. You can play the open E string with the A7 however you will block both the 1st and 6th string when you move it to other positions.


Play this in 10th position for an A7 chord. If you are playing an A blues you will want to move it to 3rd position for D7 and 5th position for E7.

The chord form is built from the open C chord. Add a Bb to an open C chord and you have C7. Try to block the 1st and 6th string when playing these forms.

Below we will learn some different forms to play the A7 chord on strings 1 2 3 4. Watch the video and then read through the rest of the lesson.
As long as the A C# E G are played (regardless of order) we will hear an A7 dominant chord.
2nd Position5th Position
2nd Position - 1st finger bars the 3 notes on the 2nd fret and your 2nd finger should play the G.
5th Position - 1st finger bars the 3 notes on the 5th fret and your 2nd finger should play the C#.

7th Position

1st finger plays the A
2nd finger plays the G
3rd finger plays the E
4th finger plays the C#

7th Position

Inversions of A7 gif

10th Position - 1st finger on A, 2nd finger on C#, 3rd finger on G and 4th finger on E.

14th Position - same as 2nd

10th Position14th Position

Try using the forms from above and play this rhythm figure.
Download midi files - If you have Cakewalk, Band in the Box or other such programs you can download the midi files on this site and then speed up and slow down as needed.

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